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Crosswind Analytics is led by an FAA Commercial Airline and UAV pilot with over 25 years of flight experience.  Along with being FAA certified we posses Level I Thermographer certification through ITC Training, so you can rest assured all thermal drone inspections are performed utilizing the latest policies and procedures for drone infrared inspections and thermal scans.  This training and certification allows us to properly diagnose heat anomalies in roofs(indicating potential water penetration), irregular heating of electronic components, and heat/cold loss from roofs and structures.  Our drones are new and equipment is the latest, top of the line thermal/infrared scanning camera on the market today.  

We are centrally located in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, but we have the ability to travel across the United States and abroad depending on your needs and job specifications.  Driving to the jobsite is preferable, but we can easily arrange for air travel to come to you.  Due to some travel restrictions in certain countries, we may not be able to bring our thermal imaging devices into your specific country.  Please reach out to us and we can discuss this further.

At Crosswind Analytics, you will have the piece of mind that you will always receive professional service from a licensed and insured professional pilot and/or thermographer.  If you have a specific drone inspection or service that isn’t listed on our website, call us to discuss how we can tailor a specific service to meet your aerial drone needs.

Reasons to Use Us

FAA Certified Pilot

FAA Nighttime Operations Authorized

Insured – Liability and Work Comp

Professional Quality Every Time

All Weather Operations

24/7/365, Day or Night

Over water, over the mountains and trees, through a city, over your home, during the day, during the night. Our drone inspection and aerial drone services are available to you any time of the day, 7 days a week, regardless of weather. Our drone equipment is certified to fly in most weather conditions setting us apart from other drone service companies

Crosswind Analytics
Crosswind Analytics
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We're always on time and ready to get to work. If we're at your wedding and you want us to wear a tux, we'll wear a tux. If we're going to be hiking up a mountain to get cinematic drone footage of you paragliding, we'll bring our hiking boots. We aim to make sure we fit into all atmospheres and events

We're FAA Certified!

This means that we're legally allowed to get any drone aerial image or video you need! This certification and exemptions acknowledge that we safely operate with expertise and professionalism. We have also gone through extra training and certification to be allowed to fly at night. Most drone service companies cannot provide that benefit

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Crosswind Analytics

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