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Utilizing thermal drone imaging, we are able to see problem areas in your fields.  Problems such as bug infestation, plant disease, irrigation/water deficits and broken equipment are easily identified.  Scanning your field with a thermal infrared camera is the most cost effective way to see issues in real time.  We will provide you with individual photos and video of your fields for your records.  Maps can also be generated to display the results in a beautiful orthomosaic photo of several individual photos

Getting ahead of potential problems throughout the growing season will ensure abundant yields and generate far more revenue for your business. Targeted pest control can eradicate an infestation in a quick and cost effective way.  Couple that with the ability to also see areas of irrigation deficits and areas of fertilizer need, you’ll be set up for nothing but success. Let us help you gain the advantage on your competition by using our infrared equipped drone as an important tool in your toolkit, Contact us for a trial run on one of your fields so we can demonstrate this amazing technology

Service Features

Problems Exposed

Bug infestations and water/irrigation problems are easily seen through the use of our top of the line thermal imaging drone equipment

Plant Health Monitor

Our imaging shows plant health and combined with regular scanning intervals, you'll be able to instantly know the status of your crops at that time

other highlights of this service

Highly Experienced

Drone pilot is also a Level I thermographer and FAA Night Ops authorized

Fully Insured

We carry general liability and a worker's comp policy. Coverage limits can be adjusted to fit your needs

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your satisfaction is our priority. We will work hard to gain your trust and more importantly, your satisfaction with our work

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thermal drone imaging
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