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About our emergency services

We can provide thermal drone services for fire and law enforcement agencies.  Our drones are equipped with FLIR thermal/infrared cameras that are capable of viewing a structure on fire from the air.  This allows fire departments to come up with a safe plan of a action to vent the roof or attack the fire with efficiency.  Hot spots and cooler areas are clearly visible from the air and the ability to see these hot spots gives fire officials a valuable tool to come up with a plan quickly

Law enforcement agencies can utilize our thermal drone setup to track suspects and find lost individuals.  There are several cases in which thermal drones have been used to find missing children or individuals.  We have obtained an FAA waiver to for nighttime operations, therefore giving us the ability to capture thermal images and video of subjects at night.  This can make the difference in safely locating a missing person or even your pet.  Contact us today to see how we can help you with our state of the art infrared camera system and all weather drone

Service Features

Firefighter Safety

Ability to see hot and cool spots during an active fire provides unparalleled safety. Authorized for daytime and nighttime operations

Custom Service

If your town or city has a specialized need for a high quality thermal drone, please contact us. We can customize a plan of action to suit your specific needs

Law Enforcement

Ability to track and find suspects. Can also find lost individuals safely and efficiently. Both daytime and nighttime authorized

other highlights of this service

Highly Experienced

Drone pilot is also a Level I thermographer and FAA Night Ops authorized

Fully Insured

We carry general liability and a worker's comp policy. Coverage limits can be adjusted to fit your needs

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your satisfaction is our priority. We will work hard to gain your trust and more importantly, your satisfaction with our work

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thermal drone imaging
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