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About our Mapping/3D Modeling services

Our drones obtain high quality images with amazing accuracy, capturing details and ground contours that can only be viewed from the air.  These images are used to  produce both 2D and 3D orthomosaic images and maps.  Large orthomosaics are very useful to get a “big picture” of what a vast property or building looks like without having to reference several individual photos.  Orthomosaics can be used to show your clients work progress on a construction project, and can also be used for marketing material to highlight a property.  In natural disaster scenarios, drone mapping of damaged or effected areas provide first responders and local officials with real time data to make safe and efficient decisions

When it comes to 3D modeling of homes and buildings, our drones are capable of generating impressive looking models utilizing Dronedeploy’s proprietary software and modeling tool.  This type of aerial mapping and modelling can only be accomplished by a drone.  Our drones capture very high resolution images which is critical to produce stunning aerial maps and models.  Please note that not all properties can be 3D modeled if your property contains obstructions touching the surrounding structure.  Additionally, these 3D models can be used for inspection purposes, the insurance claim industry, and can even be 3D printed

Service Features

High Quality Photos

Our drone images quality is 21mp for the M200 and 20mp for the Mavic Pro drones. Perfect for stitching together orthomosaics and 3D modeling

Lots Of Data

Clients receive stitched together orthomosaic photo, and all individual photos so you'll have a detailed set of data

Geo Tagged Photos

All photos are geo tagged to provide location data and can be overlayed with services like Google Maps

other highlights of this service

If you are a project manager, construction general contractor, or foreman, reach out to us so we can discuss how we can provide you with accurate and actionable drone data

Highly Experienced

Drone pilot is also a Level I thermographer and FAA Night Ops authorized

Fully Insured

We carry general liability and a worker's comp policy. Coverage limits can be adjusted to fit your needs

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your satisfaction is our priority. We will work hard to gain your trust and more importantly, your satisfaction with our work

Mapping Gallery

cinematic drone service
thermal drone imaging
thermal drone imaging
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thermal drone imaging
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