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High quality drone photos and video definitely sell real estate listings faster.  Aerial photos and videos attract more clients, while also offering clients and buyers a bird’s eye perspective of the home and property.  Unique characteristics are revealed and highlighted from the air where they may be overlooked from the ground.  Your home and property can be showcased through panoramas, images, and video tours.  There is ample statistical data and information focusing on why you and your Realtor should all be using drone photos and video of your home and property

For all you Real Estate Agents out there, you can incorporate aerial photos and videos into your marketing material for your listings.  We can provide you with a vast array of high quality photos and videos that you can seamlessly integrate into your current marketing campaign on your listings.  The National Association of Realtors reports that 65% of their members utilize drone photography and video into their current marketing campaign.  And according to statistics from RIS Media “homes sell 68 percent faster when using aerial imagery and that 73 percent of homeowners prefer to list with an agent who uses video”.  Realtors….contact us to help sell your listings quicker! 

Service Features

Only By Air

Highlight a home or properties unique characteristic or location with high quality drone photos and video

3D Modeling

Contact us about creating a 3D model of a home or structure. That model can be 3D printed or used in a variety of marketing material

Sell Homes Faster

Realtors can both satisfy their clients by offering unique drone imagery, while also selling the home faster by reaching a larger audience


The owner of the company is also a licensed Realtor in Illinois and Florida. We know what it takes to help you with getting a listing to stand out from the rest and therefore get it sold

other highlights of this service

Highly Experienced

Drone pilot is also a Level I thermographer and FAA Night Ops authorized

Fully Insured

We carry general liability and a worker's comp policy. Coverage limits can be adjusted to fit your needs

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your satisfaction is our priority. We will work hard to gain your trust and more importantly, your satisfaction with our work

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